Print Release Information


A copyright is owned by the person who creates the work giving the photographer the exclusive rights to determine how the image should be displayed and distributed. The Copyright holder is the ONLY person who can make alterations to the work. A copyright legally belongs to the photographer unless copyright is signed away.

A print release gives someone permission to reproduce Copyrighted images for their own personal use. Please note that the phrase “PERSONAL USE” is crucial! By using a print release, it allows a client to make prints, photo-books, canvases, albums, coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc, but is prohibited from using the image(s) for commercial purposes. For example, if you were approached by a Bridal Magazine who wanted to buy your wedding picture for the cover of their next edition, you would have to decline as they are not yours to sell.

In Summary:

You CAN:
~ Post them on all forms of social media. (Not mandatory to give us copyright mention but appreciated)
~ Print an unlimited amount of them in any form (photo, canvas, album, t-shirt, etc.) .
~ Share them with your family so they can do the same!

~ Edit or alter the images in any way, including cropping and filters.
~ Claim the work as your own.
~ Use them for commercial gain.

Your images are owned and are the copyrighted material of Desert Aloha Photography, Photograph Aloha and San Diego Elopement Photographer. You are given express written permission to print with the Print Release given.  

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